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Quench your thirst with these delightfully simple Drink, Juice & Smoothie Recipes!

This Orange Banana Breakfast Smoothie recipe is flowing with fresh fruit and is a favorite way to start the day.

This Green Apple Energizer recipe tastes incredibly crisp and refreshing and will really help you crank up the juice.

If you’re looking to take your hydration to the next level while sticking to your diet goals, this Keto Friendly Lemonade recipe will certainly hit the spot!

Green Apple Kombucha Slushy + VIDEO

July 23 / 3 comments

Keto Friendly Lemonade + Video

Ice on a table with two lemons & a jar of lemonade
June 2 / 15 comments

Caramel Chai Tea Latte

Caramel Chai Tea Latte // Move over Pumpkin Spice Latte, there's a new Latte that's sure to win you over! Chai Tea has been elevated in the delicious warm spiced drink that will satisfy every taste bud! | Tried and Tasty
September 3 / no comments

Tropical Orange Slushie

Tropical Orange Slushie // This Orange, Coconut and Lime tropical drink tastes like Summer on ice! | Tried and Tasty
August 17 / no comments

Virgin Miami Vice

Virgin Miami Vice // If you like pina coladas AND strawberry daiquiri's then meet your match: a Miami Vice! It's the best of both worlds. Cool. Refreshing. Fruity! | Tried and Tasty
June 30 / no comments

Frozen Grape Lime Rickey + VIDEO

Frozen Grape Lime Rickey // This delicious slush is fantastic for those warm days you need a quick & easy refreshment! Made with only a handful of ingredients and ready in 60 seconds! | Tried and Tasty
April 1 / no comments

Pistachio Green Smoothie

Pistachio Green Smoothie // Chances are you haven't had a green smoothie like this before. The key to this energizing boost is pistachios! Blended together with several other green favorites for a deliciously smooth drink. A nice change of pace yet tasty staple for your morning routine! | Tried and Tasty
January 15 / no comments

Winter Blues Blaster Detox Smoothie

Winter Blues Blaster Detox Smoothie // Move over green smoothie, this will be the newest craze of the year. Filled with bright fruits, Martinelli's Apple Juice, and a few secret weapons. You'll want to add this smoothie to your rotation - it's sure to help you fight the blues! | Tried and Tasty
January 14 / no comments

Sparkling Cucumber Blueberry Spa Water

Sparkling Cucumber Blueberry Spa Water // This refreshing 3-ingredient spritzer will transport you to a place of relaxation. This energizing drink is the perfect thirst quencher! | Tried and Tasty
January 9 / no comments

Triple Citrus Virgin Mimosa

Triple Citrus Virgin Mimosa // If you're looking for a morning cocktail that's family friendly you've come to the right place. Adults and kids alike will love this - and as a bonus there's no refined sugar added! This mimosa is 100% natural! | Tried and Tasty
January 3 / no comments

Candy Corn Layered Smoothie

Candy Corn Layered Smoothie // Halloween treats are often associated with lots and lots of sugar BUT they don't have to be! This smoothie is made with real fruit, no added sugar, and the perfect sippable for any spooky night of the week in October! Make this healthy candy corn inspired smoothie for the kids AND adults! | Tried and Tasty
September 4 / 2 comments

Simple Grape Smoothie

Simple Grape Smoothie // Ever had a grape smoothie before? The next time you buy red grapes - keep this in mind. It's the perfect balance of sweet & tart and has just a few ingredients. Spina quick cycle in your blender and you'll have a great way to start your day or pick-me-up when you need it! | Tried and Tasty
May 17 / 13 comments