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September 22, 2014 1 comment

Caramel Apple Oatmeal // Tried and TastyI have been terrible at getting in a good breakfast lately. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m not super awesome at managing my time {gasp!}. I’m also not what you’d call a… morning person. So, I need healthy, easy, delicious options for breakfast. Insert this amazing Caramel Apple Oatmeal. First of all, are you serious? Second of all, I have to attribute this killer breakfast idea to my husband. He’s pretty much awesome at just coming up with random recipes on the fly.

Last weekend I volunteered at a cooking class for Gourmet Caramel Apples. I was so excited to learn the tips and tricks of making a great looking apple. Last year, in my attempt.. I failed. For whatever reason I could not get the caramel to stick to the apple for the life of me. That’s when my Caramel Apple Fondue was born. Not only did I learn lots in last weeks class, but it also got me thinking of all things caramel apple-ee that I want. It’s the season for apples and I can’t wait to find more creative ways to have your cake and eat it too – with delicious yet healthy recipes!

Don't Talk To Me... I'm On A Cleanse // Tried and TastyThe 2014 Dr. Shulze 30 Day Detox has officially ended. I’m here to give you the down and dirty. The inside scoop. The nitty gritty details. What others won’t tell you about completing a cleanse. For those that are new around here, last year my husband and I completed the Dr. Schule 30 Day Detox along with a 30 Day Juice Fast (I posted about it here at my welcome to The *NEW* Tried and Tasty). We decided to give it another go this year and I’m here to tell you all about it.

My husband is a web designer by day, however his passion also lies within the world of natural health. He’s a major advocate for healing your body naturally, proactively taking care of your body with great nutrition, a well-maintained diet, and exercise, and steering clear of most modern practices and ‘solutions’. Over the years he’s educated me to a whole new world of ideas and methods using 100% all natural remedies. In addition, the small handful of health documentaries I’ve recently (over the last year and a half) found myself enthralled with, I have also broadened my views on the natural side of things.

The Fuzzy Succulent Watermelon // Tried and TastySummer is officially over in two days. As hard as it will be to let it go (as it is for me every year), I think I’m finally ready to welcome fall. I will miss the blazing hot weather, the long summer nights, and the fresh fruit in season. If you’re considering a juice fast, summer is the perfect time. All the fruits and vegetables are in their prime. This Fuzzy Succulent Watermelon is another variation of my Crisp Watermelon Summertime Breeze and Cool Watermelon Refresher.

Watermelon is the perfect base for a delicious fruit juice. When you add in your favorite fruits along with it you’ll be surprised at how wonderful it can be! Peaches are one of my very favorite fruits. In fact, last year I went a little crazy canning them making my Peach Syrup, Honey-Sweetened Peach Jam, Peach Butter, and perfectly plain ole Peaches. We picked up a couple of fresh peaches while grocery shopping and thought we’d give them a try in some juice. So smooth. So velvety. So perfect. Give it a try, you’ll love The Fuzzy Succulent Watermelon!

The Lean Green Nutrient Machine // Tried and TastyI’ve given you lots of frilly juice recipes, but it’s important to balance them out with nutrition filled juices as well. As much as I would like to primarily drink fruit juice, the real benefit in juicing is to juice the vegetables that are going to give back. Fruits of course are high in natural sugar. For a happy medium, it’s best to do mostly vegetables with an occasional fruit thrown in (to help the taste). Our bell peppers went crazy in our garden this year and I was so excited that they did. So crisp and so fresh AND so perfect freshly juiced.

Another one of our staples is cilantro. I LOVE cilantro. On tacos, on salads, and in juice. I know it’s one of those things that people either love or hate, and for me… I love it! Spinach is also one of those great leafy greens that’s perfect to throw in your juice. It’s the perfect ‘gateway’ green (as I like to call it). Then you can work your way up to kale, collards, and chard from there. My recommendation would be to try and get a healthy nutrient filled juice in at least once a day. Once you’ve got that down, throw in a sweet fruit juice for a treat here and there!

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