Which Recipes Should I Make Recipe Videos For?

Steve & Yvonne having a bit of fun while filming recipe videos.

Howdy! It’s Steve here, your friendly recipe video creator.

If you’re like many food bloggers, you may be asking yourself “How do I know which of my recipes would be the best candidates for creating recipe videos for?

Hopefully I can help you answer that question today! In my opinion, the order of importance for determining which recipes to enhance with recipe videos goes as follows:

1. Pick a recipe that is currently getting a decent amount of traffic.

This is recommended for three reasons:

  • Adding a recipe video to reinforce your existing content may help to stabilize or improve SEO for that recipe post. There’s no guarantee that it will, but I believe that it has just as good of a chance of doing so as many of the other various SEO tactics out there.

  • Adding a recipe video to a popular recipe can help you to earn more ad revenue from your ad network. The more times the video is viewed, the greater the ad revenue will be – so it makes sense to have a video for popular recipes.

  • Having a recipe video can help your viewers make the recipe, since they can see exactly how it’s done from the video. This should improve their experience and may enhance your level of expertise and trustworthiness in their eyes.

2. Pick a recipe that has the potential to make it big, even if it’s not a popular recipe yet.

For example, if you have a fantastic instant pot or air fryer recipe (which seem to be popular categories at the moment) and you have a feeling that it could be your next big recipe. Supporting the recipe with a recipe video might just give it the extra boost that it needs to succeed. Like SEO, there’s no one magic pill for making a recipe a blockbuster hit, and I don’t necessarily think that having a recipe video can on its own accord make a recipe an instant success – but it’s certainly one of those things that can add up to make a difference. Food blogging is very competitive, and it’s all about adding a 10% improvement here, a 15% improvement there, etc.

The difference in traffic from between being the #1 ranking search term on Google vs being the #2 ranking search term is HUGE, and a 10% or 15% improvement to the recipe might just be the difference between being #1 and being #2.

3. Pick a recipe that is visually pleasing to look at and that has vibrant colors.

Brown rice (brown) with pinto beans (brown) and soy sauce (brown) might be tasty, but it’s not very interesting to look at. Brown rice with bright orange shredded carrots, purple cabbage, and red beets would really pop on the camera though!

4. Pick a recipe that is quirky or unique.

People love to watch videos of crafts, recipes, and projects that are a little out of the ordinary. I’ve often caught myself becoming engrossed with random videos on the web, such as a tutorial about how to build a hot tub in the wilderness using nothing but sticks, straw, and mud. Never in a million years will I actually use the information that I learned in that video – so it has no practical value to me – but I enjoyed it because it was novel and quirky.

Someone might scroll right based a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe video, but their interest might be more piqued by a cookie recipe that uses unconventional ingredients or where the process for making the cookies is a bit unusual. People also love lesser known tips and tricks.

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