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How To Substitute Frozen Blueberries // Tried and Tasty

How To Substitute Frozen Blueberries For Fresh

Some great tips on how To Substitute Frozen Blueberries For Fresh Blueberries

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Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Author Yvonne


  1. Take the desired measurement of frozen blueberries and run the them under cold water a few times. At first the water will be very purple. Continue to rinse until the water nearly runs clear.

  2. Then you’ll dry the berries with a couple of layers of paper towels (for best results dry the top and bottom of the berries).

  3. This process only takes a matter of a few minutes. Once you’ve rinsed and dried your berries you are ready to add them to your batter! Be gentle in stirring, the berries will be fragile. Mix well. You know your done if your batter begins to turn blue-ish purple (that’s what you are trying to avoid).

  4. There you have it! An easy way to substitute frozen blueberries for fresh!