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Dr. Schulze's 30 Day Detox // Tried and Tasty You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for all the information you need to complete a cleanse or detox of your own! My husband and I now have {two} Dr. Schulze 30 Day Detox programs under our belt. If you read My Weight Loss Story, I’m betting it led you here. We completed the first cleanse February 2013, and the second cleanse September 2014. It’s no easy task, but equipped with the right tools and education it can be most successful.

I’m betting you’re What's All This Juicing About? FAQ's // Tried and Tastywondering ‘What’s All This About Juicing?’ If you’ve ever wondered what makes juicing so special, how to store your juice, how much time to plan for when juicing, whether or not it tastes good, or the cost, then you don’t want to miss my handy dandy ‘What’s All This About Juicing? FAQ’s‘ it’s got the answers to your questions. Have a question I didn’t answer? No worries! Send me an email and I’ll gladly see if I’ve got an answer for you. More than likely I’ll turn to the hubs… and he’ll answer, for the both of us!

Need a few recipes to get you started? I’ve got you covered there too! The beauty of juicing is that really there aren’t any ‘recipes’ required. You basically just throw in some fruits and veggies and away you go. For starters, I’ve got some of my favorite combinations to give you some direction. Check out these yummy combinations:

Don't Talk To Me... I'm On A Cleanse // Tried and Tasty
Fresh Pineapple Surprise // The Orange/Apple Wake-Me-Up //
The Green Apple Energizer // Cool Watermelon Refresher

Don't Talk To Me... I'm On A Cleanse // Tried and Tasty
Sippable Orange Sunshine // The Lean Green Nutrient Machine //
Carrot Apple Beet Juice // The Fuzzy Succulent Watermelon

Detoxify Your Home // Tried and TastyAnother important aspect to consider when looking to get your body healthier is to also look at getting your home healthier too. There are lots of toxins and pesticides lurking in unsuspecting products. With the natural alternatives you can feel safe knowing that your cleaning, oral and body care, and kitchen products won’t harm you. Read all about how we made the switch in ‘Creating a Toxin-Free Home‘ Covering products for your hair, skin, dental, cleaning and baking. Of course it’s not something that most can do overnight, but this is an excellent resource to know where to start and alternative options that are out there for you and your family.
Juicing. Everything You Need // Tried and Tasty

Many have never juiced or aren’t sure where to even begin. Take it from us, who’ve owned our fair share of juicers – we’ve got a bit of experience under our belts. Steve has juiced for 10+ years, and for the last six of them, I’ve been a part of it as well. We’ve collected our list of all the important tools you will need to have a successful juicing experience. Having the right tools will not only help make everything run smoothly, but it will also ensure that you can get the most out of your produce and juice. With our tips you’ll also get the tastiest juice. By preserving it correctly, the flavor will last longer and provide more nutrients in the long run. While planning your juice fast or cleanse, this will be an excellent resource to refer too. Even if you aren’t planning to fast on juice or cleanse, this is the collection we recommend to anyone who is interested in incorporating fresh juice into their diet and lifestyle. You’ll find all the information here: Juicing. Everything You Need.

Lastly, we’ve also compiled a fantastic list of the fruits and vegetables you’ll definitely want to be sure and buy organic whenever possible. We also chat about the importance of buying organic. If ever you’ve wanted to know the ‘why’ to all of this organic ‘crazy’, we’ve collected great information and statistics for you all in one place in my Clean 15 vs. Filthy 15: When Organic Matters post.
Clean 15 vs. Filthy 15: When Organic Matters // Tried and Tasty

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As if that isn’t enough information for you to process, I’ve got one more excellent resource for you! I’ve written a post about the detox from the inside. I’ve shared everything you need to know to be prepared and have the most successful experience possible. Cleansing of course isn’t or everyone, and I know everyone isn’t going to jump out there and complete a 30 day program. Even still, I feel like I have the information to help anyone who is considering a cleanse anywhere from 3 days to 7 days, all the way up to 30 days. Don’t Talk To Me… I’m On A Cleanse has everything you need to know.

Best of luck to you! I hope that in some way I’ve been able to help. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned along the way in hopes that it can save the next person a little heartache and frustration.

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