CoSchedule Review

Why I Love CoSchedule // Tried and Tasty

If you’re a blogger, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.
Even if you didn’t know you were looking for it.

So what is CoSchedule? Watch this quick video for the perfect overview.
Then meet me below to see exactly how I utilize this resource.


Tried and Tasty CoSchedule Review

First things first, I couldn’t live without CoSchedule.

Let me take you step-by-step through my process.
It’s important to push out your content as much as possible and this editorial calendar makes that super simple.
Everyone will have their own schedule, the important thing would be to HAVE a schedule.
As you can see in the screenshot above, I try to keep my calendar constantly working for me. Bless you CoSchedule.

The beauty of this plugin is that it integrates with WordPress, Twitter, FB, Linkedin, Buffer, and even G+ Pages.
Take a look at just how easy this is to use, and I can almost bet, you’ll fall in love too!

Tried and Tasty CoSchedule Review

1. You are able to choose exactly when you want to schedule your social media. Would you like to schedule today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? You name a day and time and you can schedule it. Typically what I do is when I’m writing up a post I’ll schedule the social media for Facebook, Twitter, and G+ for when the post is set to go live. I then have my VA (virtual assistant) take care of scheduling and recirculating my old content through CoSchedule.

Tried and Tasty CoSchedule Review

2. Once I select the day I’d like my social media posts to go live, I’m ready to dive in and get everything scheduled.

3. You are able to select from a dropdown the specific social media platform you’d like to schedule to. Choose one, then repeat for the remaining platforms you’d like to use.

4. There are three different ways to share your content: a) text post, b) image post, and c) link post. Select what you’d like depending on your personal preference or the platform you are scheduling to.

5. Add the text you’d like to see on your post. CoSchedule will automatically populate the {title} and {permalink} which makes it nice to shave off a little bit of time in re-writing those things. Every second counts!

6. You can upload a photo, chose from the photos in the post, or *have CoSchedule automatically choose the best image for your post when the message is sent.

7. Choose the time you’d like the message to go out. You are able to choose any time set in the future. You are not able to backdate a post.

Tried and Tasty CoSchedule Review

8. Within your post you will be able to see messages sent in the past. This will help you to see what you’ve written about the specific posts for any previous shares.

9. You are also able to see messages scheduled for the future, easily at a glance.

Let’s recap shall we? In a nutshell, here are the *key features* of CoSchedule:

  • Drag-And-Drop Editorial Calendar
  • Schedule Social Media While You Blog
  • Save Time, Grow Traffic
  • Easily Re-Schedule Old Blog Content
  • Lightweight WordPress Plugin
  • Automated Social Publishing
  • Simple Team Communication
  • All-In-One Publishing Solution
  • No More WordPress Hacking

So what’s the investment?
CoSchedule costs as little as $15 a month. $15 and you get all of those amazing features you see above.
The time it saves me? Priceless.

Would you like to give it a shot? You can have 14-Day FREE Trial with absolutely no strings attached.
I began with the trial, and haven’t turned back since.