Have You Considered Participating in the Global 6K For Water?

Published on Apr 9, 2017
Updated on Nov 14, 2018

Carrying a tea kettle, Cheru Lotuliapus, 5, walks with other children twice a day to dig for water in a dry riverbed in West Pokot, Kenya. A first-year kindergarten student, she carries water to school and returns home by way of the waterhole to refill her kettle. With other school children, she walks more than 6km a day for water.
West Pokot County
Location: Ptoyo; sublocation: Kesot; village: Chepoyotwo
Sook program area

It’s been several weeks since I first introduced you to the World Vision Global 6K for Water. Have you given any thought into participating? As I’ve been preparing there’s been something striking me deep within. When I exercise for longer than 15 minutes or so, it’s second nature to grab my water bottle to quench my thirst and replenish my hydration. It’s so easy for me to do so because I have access to water anytime and anywhere. Until learning about World Vision’s water initiatives I didn’t even think twice about this habit and routine. Now that I’m becoming involved and more familiar it’s taken on a whole new meaning.  For example, I learned that nearly 1,000 children under age 5 die every day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation and improper hygiene. EVERY DAY. I head to the kitchen every morning to fill up my 64 oz. kanteen without a second’s hesitation for clean water, and children are dying every day because the water they drink (and desperately need) is contaminated?

Why this walk is so important is to bring awareness to a cause that is so important.  Every day, people around the world walk an average of 6 kilometers (approximately 3.7 miles) in search of water, and that water is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases. Can you imagine doing that each day for the clean water that you drink? I would guess not. Most of you have a rigid schedule between work, school, and activities that I’m sure time wouldn’t allow 3.7 miles of walking for water to squeeze in between.  Who is affected the most? The women and children. Can you even imagine? The burden of finding and carrying water each day often falls to them.  With your help, World Vision believes the global water and sanitation crisis can be solved within our lifetime. Did you read that? Can. Be. Solved. That’s incredible news! How is it possible? World Vision provides a new person with clean water every 30 seconds as part of their full solution to end poverty.

Think of the things you have in your life that are luxuries. When you think of those things is water on the list? It should be. It’s a luxury that we don’t even have to think twice about. Did you know that in 2015, World Vision provided access to clean water to 2.3 million people? They JUST reached a milestone with their water program – and have achieved their 2020 goal… THREE years early!!!… of reaching one new person with water every 10 seconds. The next milestone World Vision will be working towards is universal water access everywhere World Vision works by 2030. It’s a lofty goal, but it can be achieved! 

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, people from around the globe will walk or run 6 kilometers to support World Vision’s water initiatives through the World Vision Global 6K for Water. The Global 6K for Water is organized by Team World Vision, a group of passionate people who run, walk, and race to help children get clean water. The water projects run in harmony with World Vision’s work in other key areas of development: health, education, food, and economic development. This approach tackles the root causes of poverty, enabling children to experience fullness of life. Would you consider participating? Learn more about World Vision’s Water programs: here.

Girl carrying her brother as she goes to fetch water, Hamaundu ADP, Zambia.

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