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Let’s do lunch! This recipe for The Ultimate Veggie Sandwich is an all time favorite for good reason! It’s a hearty sandwich with a handful of wholesome vegetables in each bite.

This Chicken, Spinach & Cream Cheese Tortilla Wrap is great not only for a relaxed afternoon at home, but for gatherings and party’s as well.

Looking for something light and fresh? These Healthy Cashew Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps are crispy, crunchy, and an absolute delight to chow down on.

Fire Grilled Chicken Tacos

Fire Grilled Chicken Tacos // You haven't had chicken tacos until you've had THESE chicken tacos! This quick and easy weeknight meal will solve your problem to get a meal on the table for those busy nights! You won't believe how tender and flavorful the chicken is! | Tried and Tasty
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Cheesy Brussels Sprouts and Avocado Toast

Cheesy Brussels Sprouts and Avocado Toast // Avocado toast is all the rage. However. You haven't had THIS avocado toast before! This will change your life. Even if you don't like avocados you will LOVE this delicious combination. This recipe has everything you want in an avo toast: a little bit of crunch, a little bit of cheese, some veggies and a whole lot of flavor. | Tried and Tasty
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Simple Homemade Vegetarian Ramen

Simple Homemade Vegetarian Ramen // Processed ramen is full of so many things you don't want or need in your food. Make it from scratch and you get to control what you're eating. Plus it tastes phenomenal super fresh! | Tried and Tasty
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20 Minute Black Bean Soup

20 Minute Black Bean Soup // This quick and easy meal is absolutely delightful! Black beans are known to support heart health with their fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin B6, phytonutrient content and lack of cholesterol. This soup is an excellent heart healthy meal! | Tried and Tasty
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Three Cheese Italian Meatball Subs

Three Cheese Italian Meatball Subs // Meatball subs taken to the next level with THREE different kinds of cheese. The cheese lover inside will shout for joy at first bit of these tasty sub sandwiches! | Tried and Tasty
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Turkey & Cheese Sammies

Turkey and Cheese Sammies // Tried and Tasty
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Philly Joe Sliders

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Sloppy Joe Sandwiches

Sloppy Joes // Tried and Tasty
June 11 / 4 comments

Mini Taco Bar

Mini Taco Bar // What's more fun than lunch that's made out of mini food? These mini tacos are great for kids & adults alike. Perfect for a summertime lunch! | Tried and Tasty for Super Healthy Kids
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Two Cheese Focaccia

Two Cheese Focaccia // This delicious bread is not only quick & easy, but perfect all by itself OR great to make sandwiches with! Whip this together in no time at all, throw together a turkey & avocado sandwich, then enjoy the perfect lunch! | Tried and Tasty
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Copycat Panera Turkey, Apple & Cheddar Sandwich

Copycat Panera Turkey, Apple & Cheddar Sandwich // This delicious restaurant favorite made just a little bit healthier! Little bit of crunch, little bit of tang and a whole lot of flavor! Enjoy this specialty sandwich right at home - the perfect quick & easy lunch! | Tried and Tasty
December 10 / 12 comments

The Ultimate Strawberry PB&J

The Ultimate Strawberry PB&J // Who says peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have to be boring? This double-decker knockout creation has two extra special add-ins. Come see what they are and how to make this mouth-watering pb&j! | Tried and Tasty
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