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Let’s face it, dessert is THE most popular meal course. And finding the best dessert recipe can make or break even the best planned meals or events! Fortunately, I have you covered!

From No-Bake Blackberry Cheesecake to Caramel Apple Muffins to Sky High Chocolate Mousse Pie find a pie, cookie, cake, muffin or assorted sugary confection that will make even your harshest critics stand-up and say wow!

Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Muffins

Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Muffins // Words can't describe how delicious these muffins are! You would never guess they were made with whole wheat and without any refined sugar. You'll just have to try them for yourself. Next time you find yourself needing to use up some over-ripe bananas, remember this recipe! | Tried and Tasty
January 10 / no comments

Pretzel, Caramel, and Milk Chocolate Tart

Pretzel, Caramel, and Milk Chocolate Tart // If you like the sweet and salty combo, then I can guarantee that you will LOVE these tarts. The perfect combination of sweet and salty, the perfect amount of sweetness and the showstopper of the party! | Tried and Tasty
December 8 / no comments

Chocolate Peppermint Bark Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Bark Sugar Cookies // This unique twist on 'peppermint bark' will have you swooning. Chocolate ganache meets the most delicious peppeerming sugar cookie! The ultimate holiday cookie (perfect for a cookie exchange)! Tried and Tasty
December 7 / no comments

Peppermint Swig Style Sugar Cookies

Peppermint Swig Style Sugar Cookies // If you are a fan of peppermint, you will be a fan of these Peppermint 'Swig' Style Sugar Cookies. They are perfectly soft, sweet, and perfectly so peppermint-ee! | Tried and Tasty
December 4 / 4 comments

Apple Snickerdoodle Muffins

Apple Snickerdoodle Muffins // These muffins are the perfect amount of sweetness, hint of tart, moist, and downright delicious. If you love snickerdoodles, you will fall in love with this muffin! | Tried and Tasty
November 18 / no comments

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Spice Rice Crispy Treats +VIDEO

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Spice Rice Crispy Treats // Didn't think rice crispy treats could be made healthy? Well think again! These are refined sugar-free, gluten free, AND vegan! | Tried and Tasty
October 30 / 1 comment

Dark Chocolate Superfood Bites

Dark Chocolate Superfood Bites // There's something about snacking on a delicious treat that's also wholesome. These yummy bites only have six ingredients and are loaded with nutrients. From the dark chocolate to the lentils. Yep, lentils! | Tried and Tasty
October 8 / no comments

Gluten Free Apple Crisp

Gluten Free Apple Crisp // Its' nutty. It's crunchy. It's everything you're looking for an a crisp WITHOUT the guilt! This apple crisp is free of refined sugar and made with only healthy and wholesome ingredients. A great comfort food that you'll want during the cool evenings of fall and winter! | Tried and Tasty
October 4 / 1 comment

Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies [a.k.a. Brookies]

Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies [a.k.a. Brookies] // Even been torn between wanting a brownie and wanting a cookie? Be torn no more! These Brookies are exactly what you didn't know you were looking for. Ther perfect cookie dough recipe paired with a brownie mix cookie for a chewy, fudgy, sweet treat - that is the best of both worlds! | Tried and Tasty
October 2 / no comments

Orange Marmalade Rolls

Orange Marmalade Rolls // Orange rolls have never been easier. Starting with frozen dough, these require less than five ingredients. All of which you probably already have on hand. Great for breakfast any morning, brunch any weekend, or any special holiday in between! | Tried and Tasty
September 19 / 2 comments

Double Buckwheat Double Chocolate Cookies

Double-Buckwheat Double- Chocolate Cookies // "The buckwheat is the charmer here. The flour makes the cookies tender and gives them a subtle nuttiness that only buckwheat habitués will identify". Trust me when I tell you that you WILL want to make these cookies. They are perfect all year round and would be especially wonderful at your next cookie exchange! | Tried and Tasty
September 18 / no comments

S’mores French Macarons

S'mores French Macarons // Whether it's National S'mores Day or not, these french macarons are the PERFECT way to celebrate anytime! With a tasty graham macaron, marshmallow buttercream, and chocolate ganache - these little babies will be devoured by everyone! | Tried and Tasty
August 10 / 17 comments