Stuffed Candy Corn Pizza

Stuffed Candy Corn Pizza // Tried and Tasty

Stuffed Candy Corn Pizza // Tried and TastyIt’s nearly Halloween and what better festive dinner than this Stuffed Candy Corn Pizza? I am in love with how adorable it is and how closely it actually resembles candy corn! With the ingredient list I can just about guarantee your family will just flip over how delicious this is. Loaded with all-kinda-a-yummy-delicious cheese! Nacho cheese = check. Shredded cheddar cheese = check. Doritos nacho cheese = check.

So while you’re planning your menu for the holiday or your holiday party, consider this recipe. Once you see just how easy it is to put together (thanks in part to Rhodes frozen rolls) you’ll just about wonder where this recipe has been your whole life! Take a walk with me, I’ve got step-by-step instructions on how this super cute candy corn pizza is created!

Stuffed Candy Corn Pizza // Tried and TastyI mean, with a lineup like this… it’s hard to go wrong! The chicken helps give the pizza some substance, along with everything else you’ll have a hearty stuffed pizza! Depending on the slices of your ‘candy corn’ this can feed a crowd – so make sure your guests come hungry!

Stuffed Candy Corn Pizza // Tried and TastyNow just look at that! Tell me that doesn’t look amazing? Trust me, as this is baking you will want this to jump right in to your belly. Candy corn is oh so popular this time of year and I’ve been discovering the most fun recipes you can make to resemble this yummy treat (including my friend Amber’s Candy Corn Sugar Cookie Bars, you’ve got to see those!). Why not scour the web and have a themed dinner party? Not THAT would be fun!
Stuffed Candy Corn Pizza // Tried and TastyAre you dying for the recipe yet? You’ll find me over at the Rhodes blog with the rest of my step-by-step instructions and the recipe. Trust me, you’ll want to run over and get it! Happy baking.. and Happy Halloween!

Find the recipe: HERE!

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