Coconut Nutella Hot Chocolate

Coconut Nutella Hot Chocolate // Warm up this winter with a refined-sugar-free, rich & creamy hot chocolate. If you like coconut, you'll love this rich indulgent drink made with all natural ingredients! | Tried and Tasty
December 7 / 128 comments

Feast Portland September 20th 2015

Feast Portland: September 20th, 2015 // Tried and Tasty
December 6 / 2 comments

Feast Portland September 19th 2015

Feast Portland: September 19th, 2015 // Tried and Tasty
December 5 / no comments

Classic French Macarons with Homemade Nutella Filling

Classic French Macarons with Homemade Nutella Filling // These tasty little one-bite treats are made ever so slightly healthier with a homemade Nutella center. Crispy. Dainty. Delicious | Tried and Tasty
December 4 / 11 comments

Three Ingredient Nutella

Three Ingredient Nutella // Doesn't get any easier than this. Three Ingredients. If you love Nutella and want a healthier option where you can control the ingredients THIS is the recipe for you. Nothing artificial. The healthier alternative to the amazing hazelnut spread! | Tried and Tasty
November 29 / 12 comments

Dutch Oven Mashed Potatoes

Dutch Oven Mashed Potatoes // Looking for a delicious but healthier mashed potato recipe? These out-of-this-world potatoes are made with only 4 ingredients and you won't believe the secret ingredient that makes them perfectly creamy! | Tried and Tasty
November 27 / 81 comments

Healthy Citrus Wassail

Healthy Citrus Wassail // Warm up with this cozy citrus drink this winter. Non-alcoholic makes it great for the whole family to enjoy. Made without any refined-sugar it's the perfect alternative to the typical sugar loaded drinks! | Tried and Tasty
November 26 / 2 comments

Cran-Pomegranate Citrus Slushie

Cran-Pomegranate Citrus Slushie // The tangy flavors of this power packed slushie will have your tastebuds dancing to a new tune! Non-alcoholic and perfect for all of the guests at your holiday party! | Tried and Tasty
November 25 / no comments

Apple Pomegranate Soda

Apple Pomegranate Soda // Tis the season for 'fru fru' drinks! This non-alcoholic 'spritzer' of sorts is perfect for the entire family. Pairs perfectly with your holiday appetizers! | Tried and Tasty
November 24 / no comments

2-Ingredient Healthy Caramel

2-Ingredient Healthy Caramel // Think it's impossible to be healthy without indulging? Think again! This quick & easy recipe will help you get the little bit of sweetness you crave without being completely derailed from your health & fitness goals! | Tried and Tasty
November 23 / 14 comments

Cranberry Salsa Flatbread Appetizer

Cranberry Salsa Flatbread Appetizer // Want a delicious & festive appetizer for the holidays? You're in luck! This cranberry salsa will wow your guests tastebuds at first bite! | Tried and Tasty
November 22 / 7 comments

Pumpkin Pie Pull Apart Bread

November 18 / 1 comment