How To Make: Almond Butter // Tried and TastySo here’s the deal. Well actually, there’s two deals. Here’s the deal #1. Almonds and I have a weird relationship. I LOVE almond bits, slices, chunks, almond milk, and almond butter – but I struggle with whole almonds. I actually feel like I’m allergic to whole almonds (but not in any other form). Is that weird? I know it sounds crazy! I had a weird experience with a scratchy throat once after eating whole raw almonds and it felt like my esophagus was shrinking. After that, I stayed away from the almond variety for a while. Then slowly started incorporating them back in (not whole). I love almond milk (because I don’t so much love regular milk) and I recently discovered I love almond butter!

How To Make: Almond Butter // Tried and Tasty

Not-So-Guilty Almond Joy Trifle // Tried and TastyI love a good trifle. I also love a good chocolate trifle (i.e. my Chocolate Mint Trifle and my Raspberry Brownie Trifle Recipe). The non-chocolate variety is great as well (i.e. my 5-Ingredient Pineapple Fluff Trifle). So when I was thinking of a great dessert for a large gathering or potluck, of course a layered dessert came to mind. Being in the full swing of summer we’re constantly running to and from BBQ’s, picnics, and get-togethers. The trifle dessert is my favorite dessert to take to feed a crowd. But with me watching what I eat, I wanted a not-so-guilty way to enjoy it!

Not-So-Guilty Almond Joy Trifle // Tried and Tasty

Mediterranean Salad With A Creamy Feta Dressing // Tried and TastyI recently went camping with the hubs and didn’t have much time or groceries to have your typical ‘camping’ food for our overnighter. Instead, we stopped by our local health food store and picked up some of the pre-made salads and wraps. I absolutely fell head over heels in love with the Mediterranean salad that I chose. All of my favorite flavors tossed together in a beautiful salad complimented by a zesty dressing.  I was in heaven! One of my dreams is to be immersed in the Mediterranean culture. The food. The culture. The history. This salad brings a little of that closer to home (and within my budget).

Mediterranean Salad With A Creamy Feta Dressing // Tried and Tasty

Protein Packed Flapjacks 3-Ways // Tried and TastyIt’s the last day of my Game On Health Challenge and I couldn’t be more excited to share this recipe with you! Kodiak Cakes are one of my favorite products. These flapjacks (or pancakes as I commonly call them) have been a staple over the lat six weeks. With intense exercising and careful calorie counting I needed a breakfast that I could feel good about, with an ingredient list that I approve of, and simple to throw together during my rushed mornings. I fell in love with Kodiak Cakes a little over a year ago and haven’t looked back since. When I was sent a preview of their newest product I was overly excited! I knew I loved the Whole Wheat Oat & Honey and the Whole Wheat Buttermilk & Honey. But what about the Protein Packed?

Protein Packed Flapjacks 3-Ways // Tried and Tasty

Coconut Blueberry Chia Muffins // Tried and TastyRemember how I needed fresh blueberries the other day? It was for this muffin! Since I only had frozen and didn’t want to run to the store, I researched if you can substitute. You can! If you missed it, check out Baking: How To Substituent Frozen Blueberries for Fresh. It’s so easy! I’ve been really wanting to get in to baking more with coconut flour. If you’ve been around for the last year and a half we’ve been trying to eliminate refined flours and sugars completely from our home. It’s tougher than you think! Last summer I attempted a coconut flour recipe that was a disaster and haven’t touched the flour since. I thought I’d give it a go last weekend and not only found great success, but ended up with the most delicious healthy muffin I’ve ever tasted!

Coconut Blueberry Chia Muffins // Tried and Tasty

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