I know I’ve said it a million times. But seriously, I am in love with my Cook This Not That cookbook. In love. There are so many recipes that have turned out so delicious. That’s pretty rare, I would say. Most cookbooks have a few good recipes – but this one has almost all good recipes. This particular recipe was fun to make. Messy, extremely messy. But fun. The honey mustard sauce was the perfect condiment to drizzle over the top. Since the chicken itself was 350 calories and I wanted a side, I paired it with freebies: vegetables! You can’t go wrong with some steamed veggies! They were the perfect side and this was the perfect meal.

August 14, 2011 2 comments

There are some recipes you try and they are good, and there are some recipes you try and they are great. This is one of those recipes that is great. If you’ve ever had Olive Garden’s Chicken Marsala, this tastes exactly like it! I’ve got a little beef with the Olive Garden and their ridiculously high calorie meals – so this recipe comes at a great time. Last week I went to lunch with some friends and had no idea until later that night as I was counting my calories discovered my lunch was 1175 calories! That’s insane. This dish comes in at a wonderful 400 calories. The perfect size meal. Granted I did add mashed potatoes.. but you can’t have chicken without a side. I didn’t have prosciutto (and frankly I don’t care for it – had a bad experience on our honeymoon) so I just left it out. Also, see my note at the end of the recipe in regards to the wine. This dish is fantastic and will be made again and again.

I absolutely LOVE bratwurst sausages, the only problem is they are terrible for you!!! This is an awesome alternative that I found from Cook This Not That. I couldn’t find chicken sausage, so I went with a sweet Italian turkey sausage. So delicious. This sandwich is packed with flavor. The peppers and the onions are the perfect addition. By the end I felt full and satisfied. I will definitely make this over and over!

This dish very closely resembles what my husband and I make for our “mock” Cafe Rio. So when I saw this in the Cook This Not That cookbook I knew it would be something that would be right up our alley. Ever since the Crock Pot Carne Asada I’ve been hooked on corn tortillas. As you can tell by the directions this meal is very quick and easy. We didn’t have a rotisserie chicken so I just cooked and shredded the frozen tenderloins that we did have. You can do either. Already having a chicken that’s flavored, roasted and ready to go would make the process that much easier. I also had never heard of Cotija cheese and don’t particularly fancy feta, so I replaced them with just plain ole mozzarella. Great meal. Low in calories. Simple. Delicious!

I recently decided to pull out the Cook This Not That cookbook again. It’s hard to lose weight and make extravagant meals all of the time. So lately I’ve been eating really basic things. Over and over. Makes it also hard for TriedandTasty posts… you guys know how to make a turkey pita already, I don’t need to show you that. With Cook This Not That I can make healthy dishes that are worth sharing and still stay within my calorie goals. This recipe is awesome. It’s an Asian dish that reminds me of Pad Thai (if you’ve ever had it). What I found with this, which is rare, is the leftovers the next day were even better. The portion sizes seem crazy because this makes so much food. We were able to eat off of it for several days. The downside to this recipe is there are many random ingredients that you don’t use everyday. Thankfully, I already had the sesame oil and rice wine vinegar on hand. I did have to make special note of the chili sauce, snap peas, and edamame though. Well worth it!

March 25, 2011 1 comment

Appetizers can be the worst idea at times. I’m learning, from the Cook This Not That, the gross amount of calories found among appetizers at restaurants. You don’t even realize it but most of the times they have almost as many calories (if not more) than your actual meal. More and more I’m finding it’s better to eat at home than going out to eat. I love shrimp cocktail. So when I saw this I was so excited to try it. Turned out fabulous and I’m glad I now have another reason for the Old Bay seasoning I’ve had in the cupboard forever! The smell of the shrimp in the oven is wonderful and as soon as they are done you will want to dive right in!

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