The day I’ve been waiting [patiently] to share with you!

If you asked me when I started vonappetit.blogspot which morphed into TriedandTasty if I knew the potential this passion of mine had I would tell you:

Honestly, every day I am surprised by little things here and there in the blogging world. For the longest time I’ve been following my favorites and now people are following me as THEIR favorites!

It’s unbelievable and so exciting.

I’ve been SO anxious to share with you a new adventure for TriedandTasty, but I’ve wanted to wait until the time was right.
The right time is: TODAY!

About a month ago I was emailed by Rhodes Bake N Serv asking if I (along with several others) would be interested in being [regular] guest blogger for their Rhodes blog.
Little ole’ TriedandTasty?
After doing the happy dance, once I calmed my racing heart, I responded back as fast as my fingers could type “of course!”.

After a bit of prep, a lot of emailing, and my very first step-by-step recipe I am proud to FINALLY unveil to you, the very first guest blog post for Rhodes: Chicken & Swiss Bake from Rhodes Bake N Serv,  - by yours truly!

Now please, please, please
RUN, don’t walk over,

To see me in action at the Rhodes Blog for the entire recipe and photos.


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